AM Communications

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Below is a few products we have to offer, they are a mixture of DMR and Analouge, if you see anything you like then get in tough, even if you can't see anything on this page with have info on more Hytera radios.
Hytera TC-610
Professional analog handheld radio.

Harsh, noisy and dusty working conditions in construction sites may lower your efficiency and productivity by dirtying the radio or shadowing the talk. The handheld radio TC-610 is specifically designed for such scenarios and has outstanding dust and water protection.

Dust and water protection class IP66
Thanks to the IP66-protection you can wash dirt and dust off the TC-610 without worrying. A water jet (40 mm), which is projected from any direction against your radio for up to one minute, must not have any harmful effect. Your radio can be dried to operate normally after you have washed it.

Clear voice output and large range
Superior audio quality is the premise for your team to work efficiently in noisy environments. A powerful loudspeaker ensures crystal-clear sound. You can also use high transmitting power for a wide communication coverage.

Reliable mechanical design
The TC-610 is equipped with the HYT battery latch to securely connect together the battery and the radio even during extended usage.

High/low power switchable
The user can change to low or high transmitting power at the press of a button to save the battery or to cover a larger distance.

Battery save
The battery save feature is automatically activated if there is no activity on the channel and no operation is performed, for extended operation time.

Functions (excerpt) 

  • Low battery alert
    If the battery level is running low, the radio is alerting the user to recharge the battery.
    Set up workgroups/users with unique CDCSS/CTCSS to prevent unwanted conversations on the same frequency.
  • Programmable via PC
    You are able to customize the features of each radio for each user.
  • Wired clone
    Easily copy the features of one radio to another to save time.
Hytera PD785/PD785G
Versatile digital handheld radio.

The PD785 and PD785G (variant with GPS) handheld radios are designed according to the DMR standard and are characterized by their ergonomic design, extensive digital functions and high quality. They make communication an exciting experience and allow you to quickly react to new situations.

Improved use of the audio frequency spectrum
Thanks to the TDMA process, the PD785/PD785G enables you to assign the available bandwidth with double channel capacity. This has a clear mitigating effect on increasing spectrum scarcity.

Ergonomic design
Hytera's PD785 and PD785G (variant with GPS) handheld radios offer ease of operation and reliability, which is indispensable in critical situations. The worldwide patented industry and antenna design makes them convenient to use and provides remarkable GPS properties.

Versatile services
In addition to conventional communication services, the PD785/PD785G offers extensive data services and functions, such as text messages, scanning, emergency calls, Man Down alarm (optional) and lone worker functions.

The PD785/PD785G meets all requirements of the open ETSI standard DMR, as well as of MIL810 - C / D / E / F / G and degree of protection IP67. The device series thus offers excellent features even under harsh operating conditions.

Ease of use
Large pushbuttons ensure the handheld radio is easy and convenient to use. The large TFT color display enables good readability even when light conditions are poor. More than 20 programmable keys allow quick access to the various services and functions.

Powerful battery
Compared to the analog technology and the FDMA process, with TDMA the battery service life can be improved by approximately 40%.

Excellent voice quality
With the combined application of the narrow band codec and digital technologies for error correction, the PD785/PD785G ensures excellent voice quality even in loud environments and in peripheral areas of radio coverage.

Upgradeable software
Upgradeable software makes the use of new features possible. By altering the firmware-software, other digital and analog operating modes can be enabled, without the need for purchasing a new radio device.

Hytera PD365
DMR handheld radioAffordable DMR radio in smartphone format.

The PD365 from Hytera is a business radio in pocket format. The compact design and intuitive operation make this DMR handheld your companion for reliable digital radio communication.

Digital radio never looked so good
The PD365 excels through its stylish and compact design in smartphone format and its intuitive operation. With a weight of only 160 g, it can be carried conveniently even on long working days.

Support of analog and digital radio
The PD365 was developed in compliance with the ETSI mobile radio standard Digital Mobile Radio (DMR). The handheld radio support the conventional DMR operation and can also be operated in analog mode.

Integrated antenna design
The unique integrated antenna design enables excellent availability without a large antenna on the handheld.

Affordable pricing
The radios of the PD3 series offer not only many functions, but also a quick, no-nonsense start into digital mobile radio at a fair price.

Long battery service life
The lithium-ion batteries (2000 mAh) included in the delivery enable the PD365 to achieve an operating time of at least 12 hours in digital mode, with a duty cycle of 5-5-90.

Additional functions (selection)

  • Selectable transmitting power: 1.5 W or 3 W
  • Analog signaling: CTCSS, CDCSS
  • Dust and water protection according to IP54
  • Shock and vibration resistance according to MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G
  • DMR text messages with up to 64 characters
  • Four programmable keys
  • Charging and programming via Micro-USB interface
  • Scan function for analog and digital channels
  • Versatile voice calls: Individual call, group call and broadcast call on digital channels
Hytera TM-600/TM-610
Powerful and easy to operate mobile radios.

The powerful and easy to operate mobile radios TM-600 and TM-610 are immediately operational and ensure a reliable communication that is required for the efficient work of mobile teams.

The TM-600 can indicate the channel on its numerical 8-segment display. In addition, LEDs show the channel search and transmitting power. The large 15-segment LCD display on the TM-610 provides information on channels or zones as well as call numbers and other function settings. Keyboard and display are illuminated so that good visibility is ensured even at night.

Automatic Number Identification (ANI)
When receiving an HDC2400TM or HDC1200 signal, the display shows the identification or the name of the caller. The firmware of the two-way radio supports a selective call list with up to 128 entries (128 for TM-610, 8 for TM-600).

128 channels and dynamic "regrouping" function (TM-610)
128 channels and the "zoning" function of the TM-610 provide you with a flexible organization of work groups. You can assign any name to every channel and every zone so that a simple identification is possible. The dynamic regrouping function enables highest flexibility in a changing working group environment.

Additional functions

  • Stun / Kill & Revive
  • 6 / 4 (TM-610 / TM-600) programmable buttons with background lighting for quick access to important functions
  • Operation via vehicle ignition key, time-controlled switch-off
  • Voice output via external loudspeaker possible
  • Channel scan (TM-600) - also includes priority channel scan, selection of a priority channel as well as temporary elimination of a channel with interference
  • Numerous scan options (TM-610) - single and multiple zone scan, addition and removal of channels, elimination of channels with interference as well as selection of a priority channel
  • DTMF call function makes possible flexible calling methods, such as call by name, automatic call, repeat call as well as manual call
  • Programming via PC
  • UST (User Selectable Tone) - selection of a CTCSS / CDCSS code via a programmable
  • function key
  • Lone Worker
  • Dual home channels (TM-610), single home channel (TM-600)
  • Auto transpond
  • Time-out timer (TOT)
  • Busy channel lockout
  • Off-hook decode
  • Selectable squelch levels
  • Frequency reverse
  • Talk-around function
  • Leasing operation
  • Wireless copying of settings to another terminal
  • 5-tone signalling for TM-610 - requires SM07R1

Hytera MD785/MD785G
Easy to use digital mobile radio with ergonomic design.

The MD785 and MD785G DMR mobile radios offer versatile digital functions that allow you to exchange information in all types of situations. With their ergonomic design, easy-to-operate user interface and remarkable quality, they are the ideal solution for your communication requirements; regardless of whether you are aiming to optimize the efficiency of your company or be able to respond to emergency situations at all times.

Excellent voice transmission
Thanks to the simultaneous application of narrow band codecs and digital error correction, the MD785/MD785G offers you outstanding audio quality in loud environments and in boundary regions of the radio coverage.

Dual mode
The MD785/MD785G features an analog as well as a digital mode and is compatible with the currently used analog systems, thereby simplifying your transition into the digital age.


mproved use of the radio spectrum
Thanks to the TDMA process, the MD785/MD785G enables you to assign the available bandwidth with double channel capacity. This has a clear mitigating effect on increasing spectrum scarcity.

Digital encryption
Encryption using encryption algorithm ARC4 (40 bit) in accordance with DMRA or optional algorithms AES128 and AES256 (128 and 256 bit) ensures secure communication.

Reliability and quality
The MD785/MD785G complies with the standards MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G and meets the IP54 degree of protection. A high degree of reliability is assured even in harsh environments.

Versatile functionality
Besides the traditional communication functions, the MD785/MD785G features numerous digital and optional functions, including text messages, GPS location determination and a lone worker function.

Expansion interface
Thanks to the expansion interface, the range of functions offered by the MD785/MD785G can be expanded to include key functions. Accessories and applications developed by partners can be connected to this interface.

Intuitive interface and key guidance
The high-resolution LCD screen offers a clear display, even under difficult light conditions. The large keyboard and ergonomic programmable keys facilitate efficient and productive communication.

Upgradeable software
Upgradeable software makes the use of new features possible. By altering the firmware-software, other digital and analog operating modes can be enabled, without the need for purchasing a new radio device.

Hytera RD985 - DMR repeater
Powerful digital repeater for small DMR radio networks.

The digital repeater RD985 is the heart for multi-cell conventional DMR radio networks and was developed according to the ETSI standard for DMR. It offers an ergonomic design, reliability and outstanding digital functions for sophisticated communication. RD985 – Your digital advantage over your competitors!

Dual mode and automatic change
The RD985 repeater can be operated both in analog and in digital mode and is completely compatible with the analog systems currently in use. The device can automatically change between digital and analog mode depending on the type of receiver signal and, thanks to the elimination of manually configuring frequencies and channels, both time and money are saved.

100% efficiency
The RD985 offers constant power (up to 50 watts) and therefore meets the high requirements of all conventional digital radio systems.

Flexible installation options
The RD985 repeater can be installed in a 19-inch equipment rack using an optional installation kit. Alternatively, you can easily install it on a rack, a mounting support or a work table. Thanks to the space intended for an optional duplexer inside the device, the device remains compact.

Efficiency in the high-frequency range
Thanks to the TDMA technology, twice as many users can use the same channel, such as is the case with analog or digital FDMA systems. Due to the restricted frequency resources, this represents an important relief and reduces the expenses for system terminals and frequency licenses.

Secure communication
The RD985 repeater features an enhanced digital encryption function that protects your communication against wire tapping.

High cooling capacity
Thanks to heat dissipation, the power amplifier can dissipate its heat exceptionally efficiently. In addition, the integrated fan system ensures stable and powerful operation.

Operation in repeater and/or basic mode
If the repeater is operated on an analog channel, you can choose between repeater mode and basic mode. In basic mode the repeater can be used as a duplex transceiver.

High reliability
Since the repeater was designed according to military standards, it offers high reliability and excellent performance. Test results from independent laboratories have shown that the device can be operated for up to 100,000 hours without interference and it therefore meets the requirements for use in extreme situations.